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POP UP! + Special Things & a Grand Opening Date

Ok I know. I'm way behind. A whole world has happened since I last posted, and I haven't been very good at communicating. It turns out that I am ok at putting together a store and making furniture appear from wood planks though, so it's not a total loss. 

Things to know:

Electric Blanket is open this weekend as a popup shop!  


On December 14 and 15 from 11-4 we'll be serving some amazing coffee and opening our doors to get a taste of what this whole gallery/shop ownership thing is about.

Why only pop-up?

Because it's crazy! Moving your desk from a comfortable and secure office to a very public and open space you build from your imagination is kind of scary, and I've found that baby steps are advisable. So, say hi and visit to get a taste, and then we'll GRAND OPEN on Sunday, January 12!  Save the date and then come play. 

2013-11-29 13.19.45-1.jpg


Next news, COFFEE! 

More on this soon, but oh my god guys, COFFEE!  

We went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to meet with the most professional of coffee people at Handsome Coffee Roasters and swooned. We learned about where the beans come from, saw the beautiful vintage machine they're roasted on, tasted a variety of beans to choose what we like, and then received our first shipment in time for opening the Artheaval exhibition. So last: 





On Friday night our dearest friends and the Electric Blanket family came together for the opening of the Artheaval, an exhibition of my collages as a body of work. The extent of my feelings around this are substantial and require a separate post, so for now, I'll just say: THANK YOU MADLY to everyone who was a part of the night. Most of you know how important it was for me to end this year with those pieces on a wall, so to have it happen and have you each there with me, to see them on these walls …well, it's pretty unexplainable. The last few weeks (months? year?) have been surreal, which is appropriate given the project. Photos coming soon.



So: Come visit this weekend if you're around town. If not, celebrate with us at the Grand Opening on January 12th and all Tuesdays through Sundays 11-7 thereafter (closed Mondays for now) . Have a cup of coffee, leave a story, see some art, and be a part of the beauty and the magic. And maybe leave with something unique and special. 


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