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We Finally Sent A Newsletter. In Case You Haven't Subscribed...

This is how it went:


Five Months since the opening, a year since the Electric Blanket seed was planted. 


A year ago this week I registered some domains, I set up a website, I became an overly determined madwoman. Six months or so later, I opened the door to Electric Blanket. I had no idea what to expect. Would EVERYTHING sell? Would NOTHING sell? Would I turn out to be a terrible sales person since I've spent my whole career in polar opposite industries? 

There were things I learned that I didn't expect, mostly about time management and being an emotionally invested perfectionist- mainly, that if you try to open a store and a gallery with your own art and curation from scratch and run it and make it perfect all by yourself and all at once, you're likely to quickly run yourself into the ground and hate everyone and everything, especially your shop. So, a few months in I took a step back, brought on a tiny team of awesome people to help out a few days a week, and attained some perspective about how the store could be steadily more amazing, if not perfect at once. So, since the Grand Opening this January:

colored glass now for sale

colored glass now for sale

a blanket of coffee stories

a blanket of coffee stories

so many awesome local zines

so many awesome local zines


We Made Things

We yarn bombed the windows! Someone eloquently wrote about this on an instagram post, that there was symbolism in making something constraining (bars) beautiful and open through art. So many people in the community stopped to thank me for making the neighborhood prettier, and others just shouted from across the street about what an awesome project it was.  

We started an installation of coffee project stories on the ceiling in the shop. It's a little blanket now, but eventually be a big flowing blanket of story. Some are also in log form on our Coffee Project page. 

We found more/ NEW THINGS to curate such as:

  • Colored glassware that's now for sale 
  • local zines and cards
  • Sunglasses by AJ Morgan
  • Vintage baby clothes 
  • Tees by All Gold SF, one designed exclusively for Electric Blanket!

We went live with an Etsy shop (Women's only for now, as Men's tend to fly off the racks before we can photograph them).

ART! Most of my work is coming down on June 27th. This means that if you've seen a piece you love but it was out of your price range, they're now 50% off. Yep, that basically means the price of the custom frame. But I want them to have loving homes that appreciate them and I can't hoard them because I want to make more, so come have another look before they're gone. 

We hosted the launch celebration for Episoda, a great little magazine, and had a family dinner hosted by Megan Yip that was oh so good. Baby steps into events, as the above has kept me more than busy. 

We made a press page on our website to keep up with all of the amazing press about the store. YAY.

And then there's THE FUTURE...


An exhibition! TIME KILLS by Alexandra Jane Williams opens on Friday June 27th at 6pm. Come celebrate and check out her wonderful collages.  

More events. We finally have someone coming in to help with events, because this has mostly fallen into the "can't do everything on my own" basket. Katie is rad and on it, so hold tight. Soon. 

The Gentlewoman & Fantastic Man will be in store this autumn.

Will You Be My Electric Blanket Zine Issue 2 will be out sometime soon. I know, so behind. 

We'll potentially have new coffee in soon, since Handsome was bought by Blue Bottle. Stay tuned.

And more, because I'm still a madwoman. Keep up to date by following our Twitter (@electricblanket) and Instagram/Facebook (@electricblanketsf) accounts. 

Jillian/ Electric Blanket


PS: If you'd like to subscribe to our email list, do so at the bottom of our contact page. We promise it won't get annoying. It took us five months to write the first email!

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