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Behind the Scenes: The Electric Bridal Studio Shoot

In a week of big announcements, this morning we launched our Bridal website electricbridal.com. We're super excited about getting to work with glamorous and unique dresses that we think are perfect for our kind of wedding- the incredibly fun ELECTRIC kind. 

Putting the collection and the site together was an incredible experience, and we're super grateful for the team who made it possible. I've listed where you can find the pros at the end of the post, so check them out! 

Here are some behind the scene polaroids (with a totally crap pack of Impossible film!) of our first shoot in the studio, a crazy and full-on day that ended super happily with beer and fried food and friends. I'll also post some photos from the style/ fashion shoot which came a few weeks later soon! 

Super super thanks to our team of incredible women who helped launch Electric Bridal: 

Chrissy Lynn Photo, a good friend of Electric Blanket who I was dying to collaborate with spent all day slaving in the studio, working some serious magic while keeping it fun. She also entertained my need to spend all day talking about wedding dresses for months <3.  

Natali Truax who used to divide her life between perfecting hair and photographing/ filming weddings came out of retirement for hair, which was awesome because she can do *anything* with hair amazingly. She also stuck around to do like, everything else that was going on that day.

Marsha Litvinova didn't flinch when I told her I wanted crazy wild eyes and didn't get too mad at me when the makeup was instantly ruined by my eyes which refused to stop tearing... Also a woman who can do anything you ask for and be lovely while doing it...

My good friend Elizabeth of Lowe House Creative who woke up, trekked into the city and then stood on a ladder all morning pulling tulle and then dressing and undressing models, yelling at me, and telling everyone what to do. I knew that her experience in the wedding industry and cleaning up chaos would be invaluable, and this proves to be true daily.

All but one of our gorgeous models are our very own employees, and they're through and through the best. I'm so grateful for them every day, and now I get to look at their faces constantly. Thank you for being troopers. 

And last but not least, thanks to my always supportive boyfriend and close friends who constantly kept me in check, reviewed the site a thousand times, and listened to months of babbling excitement mixed with stress about putting it all together. I love you! 





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