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In Incubation

It's kind of like what I imagine being pregnant with a baby would be like, though I wouldn't really know.  

Somewhere inside there's a seed and it's growing. I'm writing to it knowing that one day it will hatch and grow and become something I'll only partially control. It will be shaped by its environment and I can only hope it takes on what I have in mind for it. I should probably stop calling it It.  

It is Electric Blanket and I am Jillian West. I come from a lot of places, most recently a four and a half year journey working on the legal team at Twitter while running Little Bat Photography and making art as Pretty Fun Things. I've been blogging, traveling, baking, and trying to live life in between the madness. 

For a while, I had been wondering what would come next. I've always been creative, but I've been taught by the society I've subscribed to that if I wanted to avoid homelessness, I'd have to have a real job. I couldn't rely on creativity. My creative life would always have to live on the back burner. 

Then one day shortly after thinking I was the happiest person in the world I realized I had to switch it all up. I had to smack myself in the face with the cold crisp air that begged to be inhaled so my insides could freeze a little before they could find the right temperature. I needed to leave the nostalgia of my pastel electric blankets in search of a new kind of warmth.

If the cold wasn't enough, I literally went flying through the air via Vespa crash and smashed my body into the hard pavement.  I quickly learned I had to cry a lot and listen more carefully to the undercurrent of life. I needed to be alive. The kind that involves the range of emotions I had forgotten were ok to feel. 

I found myself in Portland with my little brother reading some advice I had sent him years ago that he had written down by hand, listening to his poetry after dancing our hearts out at a concert, and slowly the puzzle pieces started to move on their own. Will You Be My Electric Blanket was conceived as a zine (title tribute to Derek's gorgeous poem), and shortly after, the space was planted in my head and in my heart. 

At the time of writing, the logistical pieces are all in progress. It's incubating in stages. There are many stories to tell.  



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